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Notizia 17/12/2018

SCAI Solution Group è European Best Partner 2018 di Wacom Business Solutions

Business Solutions Conference 2018

Notizia 12/10/2018

QSAN SAN Tutorial - How to set up remote replication and schedule #SCAISolution#

Notizia 06/10/2018

ITIL #SCAISolution# Il nostro approccio ai Servizi

Notizia 12/09/2018

New QSAN Product - All Flash

Notizia 19/06/2018

#Qsan - Jeonju International Film Festival - [Land on the Waves (2018)] - XN3004T review

The Jeonju International Film Festival chose the #XCubeNAS #XN3004T as their primary solution for their data storage requirements!


"QSAN’s XCubeNAS is very cost-effective, future-oriented and has a wide range of advanced features, so we should pay attention to XN3004T especially in the movie shooting field. The reason is that as if multiple film editors can share the edit timeline after each of the different network clients have data access permission, we are reaching the era when the data also needs to be easy to get access, having unlimited freedom of time and space between production and post-production at the same time. What I mean is that XN3004T is the greatest solution as a formless platform which allowed us to check the source of movie shooting field in real time. So, when I helped to produce the movie , I thought it would be good to use XN3004T which is a 4-bay model of the XCubeNAS tower series."
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#networking #film #futurism

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